Every living being influences the evolution of this planet.
–Audrey Chowdhury

You are not living in a bubble. You are part of a great organism called Earth.
–Audrey Chowdhury

Your life has meaning. That you have lived on this Earth means that you have entered the realm of the Holy.
–Audrey Chowdhury

“Your sharing is deep and wise and genuine.”

–Glenda (on video class)

Audrey F. Chowdhury is a writer, artist, and workshop facilitator. She trained many SoulCollage® facilitators during her years as a SoulCollage® facilitator trainer.  Audrey feels fortunate to have studied and traveled with the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.  She is the author of a new interactive workbook, Ancestral Impressions, Exploring Your Ancestry through Imagery through Creativity Imagery, and Intuitionthree audio CDs: Discovering the Power of the Suits in Your SoulCollage Deck, SoulCollage in Spiritual Settings and Giving Voice to Your SoulCollage Cards through Sound and Music, published by Hanford Mead. She has presented workshops and facilitator trainings in several US states and Canada. Audrey is also a board certified art therapist who enjoyed serving people of all ages in a variety of settings during her years in that role.

Through her work, Audrey has been surprised and delighted to find that our ancestors love to speak to us through creative processes. Even if you know nothing about them, your ancestors are a tremendous resource for you, and they are just waiting for you to ask them for guidance and information about who and where you come from.


Ancestral Impressions:

Exploring Your Ancestry Through Creativity, Imagery, and Intuition

Life is like a book still being written—the future is nothing but blank pages, but the past exists in rich volumes written through time.

Although they may depart physically, ancestors etch an indelible mark with a powerful influence over an individual’s life. This influence holds insight into many of life’s puzzling aspects. Are the secrets, fears, and superstitions of ancestors responsible for modern beliefs? Have long-lived family patterns emerged into daily life? Perhaps most importantly, how does it all make an impact today, and how can it affect the future? Tapping into this knowledge is the key to personal growth and discovery.

Ancestral Impressions is an interactive guide to a journey into the four realms of ancestral memory through the creative process. With narrative, personal reflection, and activities such as collage, writing, drawing, and painting, readers will explore the personalities, culture, and impact of genealogy on life today.

Every individual owes existence to someone from the past. The tales of those ancestors are still waiting to be told to all who are willing to learn how to listen.

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