Rewriting the Script of Adolesence

Adolesence was hell for me. My body was out of control, and I felt so much shame of my “femaleness” that I wanted to hide. When I created the attached SoulCollage(R) card, I felt like I was getting to do my transition to womanhood over again….  This card has shown me that I can go back and welcome the young teen that I was into my heart.  She can live there with Hestia, who has no shame of her womanly curves and softness. In this  card, the Goddess of Fertility has decided to be present.  She says:” I am one who celebrates your transition from little girl to young woman.  I am proud of your body and you can be proud of her too.  She will serve you well as you accept her beauty and grace as part of your identity.”  The twelve year old says:  “I am one who is excited to be me.  I never was happy about getting my period, becoming lumpy and big, but now I can see how beautifully everything has worked out.. I am sorry that I was so mean to myself, and so ashamed of my awesome young body.”  The ice skater on the ground decided to be in this card at the last minute.  She says:  “I am one who enjoys using my body to glide and  to express my love of movement and music.  I can be graceful and athletic, and I can fall on my bottom.  I want you to know that mistakes happen, and your body forgives you.  Just tell her you love her and move on to your next step.”
I think I am going to ask this twelve year old to go out for a walk, or a bike ride with me. I want to get to know her better….she has been buried for a long time.