Feeding the Soul by Finding My Life's Mission

My adolescent soul was hungry for belonging and acceptance.  As I matured, I felt the longing for meaning and purpose becoming stronger…and with that came a deep dissatisfaction with what I saw around me.  The world that I experienced was in sad shape, and I believe it may be in worse shape now.  I became hungry for a path, a direction, a way to make a difference in the suffering that was happening everywhere, and still is.  As I navigated that path through young adulthood, life became increasingly about emotional and physical survival, and the deeper questions about how I could be of service to the world were buried under layers of issues that surfaced during those years.  Now, many years later, the questions that formed when I was still in my teens:  how to follow the path of my life’s mission, how to unearth the urgent longings of my soul are still with me, and becoming my life’s focus.  I am noticing that I am not the only one attempting to clear the brush away from this path so that we can find the ancient sign posts that have been posted by our guides and ancestors…There is work to be done, and it is in the doing of this work that we will finaly find the food that our Souls have been yearning for.. The search for the work that is mine to do has carried me through the past decade, and one thing I have learned about myself is that : the many different facets of my Self have different ideas about this path that I am searching for and the challenge is to find a way to focus these energies upon one task….