Giving Form to Your Dreams for the New Year

Happy New Year to you!
Welcome to the “in between” time.  This is the perfect time to put on your “observer hat”, and  look back over the past year, or years.  What were your dreams at this time last year?  What were your dreams at this time a decade ago?  What are your dreams for the next year?  Looking back, I almost always find that the coming year has been full of surprises; and I often feel like many of  my dreams are placed on the back burner when life throws the unexpected in my path. As a gift to myself, I like to take some time to get out my vision boards from previous years.  These are the collages that I have made at various times in my life, that show my dreams and hopes for the future.  I have been shocked to see that many of these dreams have come true, even those that I forgot about!  So, I am convinced that there is power in giving shape and form  to one’s dreams. You can do this through  imagery: whether it is drawing, painting, or collage.  I believe that when we do this, we are sending out a visual prayer…and affirming to ourselves and to the Universe that we take our wishes, hopes and dreams seriously.  So why not take some time to gather images that speak to you of your dreams?  They can be personal dreams, dreams for the community you live in, dreams for the country, and for the planet.  When you have a stack of images, sit down with your scissors, your glue stick, and piece of tag board, or card board, or sturdy paper.  Arrange the cut images in a way that is meaningful to you and glue them down. While doing this, remember that there is power in your visions.  If you don’t know what your dreams are, and if you have created SoulCollage(R) cards, ask your cards what they dream of…and ask them for help in creating your vision board.  Then, keep your vision board out where you can see it …and add to it as you feel moved.  Have fun with this!

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  1. Jamie Lyn Weaver
    Jamie Lyn Weaver says:

    Thanks so much Audrey for the reminder. I have done vision boards in the past but have not done one for a few years. This sounds like a good thing to do. Thanks for all of your support. Wishing you a peace filled New Year, with good health and lots of joyous times.

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