Uluru, Cradle of Life on Earth

my uluru painting

my “aboriginal” style painting created at Uluru

Recently, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the sacred sites of Uluru (Ayers Rock) located in the red desert in the center of Australia.  The first thing that struck me were the vibrant colors of this immense landscape.  The sand is a brilliant orange/red, the bush (small trees and bushes) seemed a light green in contrast, the blue sky was brilliant against this backdrop, and the colors of the sunset are stunning.  Always present are the looming figures of the monolithic red sandstone mountains named Uluru and Kata Tjuta.  These sacred monuments are humbling in their stature.  Walking through the valleys of Kata Tjuta, I felt as if I were walking through the opening of the Earth, traveling through the birth canal of life.  I felt small and insignificant in this ancient and revered landscape.  This place is like a giant beating heart:  hot, red, pulsing,draining, and dizzying.  The trees that live here need fire to regenerate.  It is a harsh and unforgiving environment, and yet the aboriginal people have survived here for tens of thousands of years.  Only through community could people survive here. Here is what I wrote in my journal while I was there:   I feel a heaviness, a deep part wanting recognition, acceptance, love.  A deep part of me is not asking to be welcome, just saying I will no longer hide. I love my Mother Earth.  She is huge, throbbing, hot, windy, juicy, and alive in all that she does.  Her mystery is great and I cannot grasp her force, her power, her overwhelming presence.  I am in the inferno of creation.  I know nothing of who I am and where I belong.  I am alone in this place of deep, dark power wondering if surrender is a good idea, yet having little choice. I return home with a transformed perspective of the Earth:  she is an immense and powerful living being, and I am one of her children.  She gives of herself every moment, so that I can survive.  I love her, I am from her, I cannot own her.  I will do all that I can to protect her as she has protected me.
In front of Kata Tjuta

 Kata Tjuta in the background

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  1. Debrah Gai Lewis
    Debrah Gai Lewis says:

    Dear Audrey… Thank you so much for sharing your experiences in Uluru and Kata Tjuta, two of my very favourite places in my wondrous country Australia. I too have had deep experiences in both these places each time I have visited them (three times now). These sacred places are indeed the heart and soul of Australia.
    Love and Light

  2. Cheryl Ray
    Cheryl Ray says:

    Sweet lovely Audrey,… I am so excited for your beautiful journey to the center. I too was reawakened by the austere presences including the Olgas, when traveling in Oz. I remember buying an orange tank top & wearing it with a sky blue shirt as a way to smile back to my experiences at Uluru. I followed a profound inner prompting to sleep outside for many months upon my return to Perth, (W. Australia) where I lived at the time. Each night excited to return to the bosom of Mother (& Grandmother Moon).♡

  3. gabrielle laden
    gabrielle laden says:

    Thank you for sharing your powerful contact with the mystery of creation.
    I Just also saw the Chazen museum show on contemporary Aboriginal art.
    Pulsing with life and also honoring the ancestors as you do with your work.
    Bless you

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