Remembering Seena Frost: Friend, Mentor, Muse

spring 2013 190I feel greatly blessed to have known and worked with  a very special soul.  Her name was Seena Frost and she was the birth mother of the process that has changed my life in so many ways: SoulCollage(R).  She died on January 13, just a month shy of her 84th birthday.  Seena had been diagnosed with ALS.

There is so much that I would love to  share with you about her, but I think that above all, she would want you to know that her greatest wish was to inspire us to use our intuition and imagination to bring healing and acceptance to ourselves and above all to each other.  She loved to hear about all of us SoulCollage(R) enthusiasts around the world who have been building awareness of our inner community through creating cards.She was especially excited to hear about  how we have been forming outer community by gathering to do this in groups, sharing what we find out about ourselves, and finding joy and acceptance in the process.
Those of you who have attended my trainings and workshops have heard me quote Seena Frost multiple times.  I want you all to know that she can speak through you as well.   I admire so many of Seena’s qualities, but what  stands out for me now is her willingness and enthusiasm to continue growing, learning, listening, thinking, and creating.  She never stopped living because her imagination and sense of humor  stayed alive even when her body began shutting down.

Many people have written that they wish that they had known her in person.  If you  have created a SoulCollage(R) card, or read her book, or attended a workshop you do know Seena very well, because you are well acquainted with the process that she birthed and nurtured and practiced.  Whatever you admired about Seena is a reflection of your own qualities.

Seena always asked people that came to her events where they lived. She was so happy to know that kindred spirits all over the world love and appreciate her “baby”.  She does indeed live on in SoulCollage(R) and in our cards.

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Seena Frost, founder of SoulCollage(R):