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What is “Ancestral Memory” ?

Ancestral memory is not always easy to identify. It is easy to acknowledge that ancestral memories live in our genes, in our blood, and in our bones, but it also lives in our minds, our cultures, our communities and in our unconcious, intuitive drives. We know of course, that certain diseases and medical conditions are […]

Ancestral Memories: Where Do They Live?

Ancestral voices come to us through memories. They are ever present even though we barely notice them. Our ancestral memories tell us how to approach strangers, they tell our bodies how to respond to perceived threat or disease, they tell us how to behave within culturally accepted norms, and they guide us as we navigate […]

Discover Your Ancestral Detectives, Gate Keepers and Storytellers

From the book, Ancestral Impressions: Exploring Your Ancestry throught Creativity, Imagery, and Intuition by Audrey F. Chowdhury  I love to watch and read mystery stories. I like to look for clues in the most ordinary circumstances and conversations. Playing the armchair detective is engaging and fun. I find that when I approach the ancestral realm […]

Helpers for the Journey to the Ancestors

Call on your helpers, guides and allies to accompany you on your journey to the ancestral realm.  from the book, Ancestral Impressions, Exploring Your Ancestry through Creativity, Imagery and Intuition by Audrey F. Chowdhury Do you have a guide, advocate, or angel on your shoulder? I am guessing you probably do. She or he may […]

More Ideas for Creating Your Ancestral Altar Items

Create a collage card: A powerful tool for accessing and acknowledging the ancestors This exercise is based on the process called SoulCollage®, as described by Seena Frost in her book, SoulCollage® Evolving The ancestors love to pop up in the most surprising and often delightful ways. They may choose to show themselves through images of […]

Preparing for the Journey to the Ancestral Realm

Create a Home Base So here we are…grab a cup of something soothing to sip and sit back in your chair, with your pen, pencil or crayon and sketch book nearby.  Take a deep breath and feel yourself in your body with your feet on the ground, your hair on your head, your heart beating, […]

Why Take this Journey into the Ancestral Realm?

Today I am sharing the introductory chapter of my book, Ancestral Impressions, Exploring Your Ancestry through Creativity, Imagery and Intuition.  This book has been designed to facilitate your own journey into the ancestral realms.  It is meant to be an interactive workbook. There is narrative for each section which is followed by a collection of suggested […]

My Path to the Ancestors

I am resurrecting my blog, finally!  I will be posting chapters from my interactive workbook,  Ancestral Impressions, Exploring Your Ancestry through Creativity, Imagery, and Intuition . I hope that you enjoy gathering ideas, inspirations, and insights as you peruse the offerings that I plan to post weekly.  I will begin with the forward to my book:   […]

Dear Great Grandmother, Help me know the story of a refugee….

Dear Great Grandmother, I have been watching stories on the news about children being torn away from their mothers and fathers.  Little babies, who are still nursing, toddlers, preschoolers wearing sparkly shoes and pigtails, young adolescents who have been torn away from their homes, from their friends, schools, families, and from their parents in a […]

Welcome the New with Wisdom from the Elders

Welcome to my new website!  I feel some trepidation as I step into this new phase of my life and work.  Becoming a grandmother for the first time seven months ago has brought me into a new stage of personal development. At the same time, I feel I have traveled full circle around a spiral […]