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Feeding the Soul by Finding My Life's Mission

My adolescent soul was hungry for belonging and acceptance.  As I matured, I felt the longing for meaning and purpose becoming stronger…and with that came a deep dissatisfaction with what I saw around me.  The world that I experienced was in sad shape, and I believe it may be in worse shape now.  I became […]

Finding My Way with Food

Food is the nemesis of many women and girls.  We crave it, we need it, we avoid it, we hate what it does to us, and we think about it much of the time. When we cook, grocery shop, eat, plan parties, worry about what our family members are eating…we are also drawing on our own […]

Rewriting the Script of Adolesence

Adolesence was hell for me. My body was out of control, and I felt so much shame of my “femaleness” that I wanted to hide. When I created the attached SoulCollage(R) card, I felt like I was getting to do my transition to womanhood over again….  This card has shown me that I can go back […]

Defending The Vulnerable Parts

   I have often suspected that having a bigger body felt safe in some odd way. This is hard to understand from the point of view of one who wants to be accepted by others.  But when I speak from  the part of me who wants to keep others away, (see the SoulCollage(R) card  attached)  it makes sense […]

The One Who Doesn't Trust Me

Even though I am loving creating this safe inner hearth for my Self, I sense that some parts of me are saying “Not so fast!” I feel the resistance in my neck.  It is stiff, knotted, and relentlessly reminding me that I am not so comfortable. Is there anger in there?  You bethca.  I think it […]

Creating My Inner Hearth

  Hestia” says to me: ” I am one who has built a fire in your heart. I am here, waiting for you to come home where there is warmth, comfort, and nurturing foods. I love you just the way you are….nothing you can do will drive me away. I am here just for you. […]

Home Making for My Soul

I was born in the 1950’s.  My ideas about home and Mom and nurturing and comfort live in that era. My body came of age in that time. I often feel the need to go back there to reclaim something important….something about reconnecting my heart to my mind and my body.  A key to a […]